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History Will Not Be Kind to the Biden Train Wreck Presidency

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. The couple at table 12 are NSA agents and have a photo book of you in the shower.

Again, lighter fare today due to the holiday. The holiday that probably shouldn’t even exist.

We’re really getting soft.

Once again, it’s difficult to narrow down The Worst of Biden, even on a slow holiday news day. Sometimes it is best to take a broad view while we are still mid-disaster, then wander through and examine the detritus at a later date.

Whilst perusing the news of the day I found myself dreaming of the day when I would be looking back on this nightmare of an alleged presidency rather than waking up to its hideous face and fetid breath every day. While we don’t know exactly how long Joe Biden is going to be occupying the Oval Office, we do know that he is going to leave nothing but mess behind.

Biden’s mess count just seven-and-a-half months in is so overwhelming that he has the party-focused college football crowd turning on him, which A.J. wrote about yesterday:

President Joe Biden endured a miserable August, and September hasn’t begun much better. One place you rarely hear criticism of Democrat politicians is among college students. But that was not the case over the weekend.

A profane three-word chant directed at the president was bellowed during several NCAA football games Saturday, from North Carolina and Virginia to Alabama and Texas.

College football crowds generally prefer raining down f-bombs on their opponents. They also tend to be quite jovial during opening weekend.

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Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

This administration will naturally continue to get everything wrong. It will also more than likely continue to treat American citizens like enemies while not calling the actual enemies any bad names.

As I wrote last week, there is absolutely no reason to believe that anything Biden does will be good for the country. We can only hope that the damage can be minimized.

Here in the modern media and academic malpractice era, Democrats have much of the havoc they wreak upon America rewritten, especially by historians. I’m getting the feeling that the drooling puppet in the White House might be such an overwhelming disaster that even the left-leaning hacks in academia won’t have the desire or skill to cover for him. It would truly be remarkable, given how things have been going on that front for so many decades.

But it’s only happening because the karma toilet is overflowing and even the most hardcore partisans can’t ignore the stench or deny who’s responsible.

We may finally get a little truth.

It’s gonna cost us though.

Everything Isn’t Awful

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