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The Left Is Awakening a ‘Sleeping Giant’

Conservatives are held to and hold ourselves to a higher standard. Unlike liberals, wholesale riots are not our game.

“But what about the ‘insurrection’ on Jan. 6?!?!?”

If you still believe that 300,000 Americans, many of them well over 50 years old, showed up without guns to take over the United States, I’d like to sell you a unicorn that farts silver dollars.

Jan. 6 was a reaction to what people thought was a stolen election. Patriots of every age and race showed up to listen to Trump speak. Then the mostly peaceful crowd walked to the Capitol. Yes, there was some rioting. But if 300,000 people showed up and a mere handful were arrested, that would be the true definition of “mostly peaceful,” as opposed to the CNN definition. If the crowd wanted to take the Capitol, they would have done it. That was never the plan.

The left spent two years locking down American citizens in blue states. They lied to us about how dangerous COVID-19 really was. They forced us to wear ineffective masks and stand on stickers at the grocery store to “save lives.” They made us watch our parents die in hospitals via our phones because COVID was just too dangerous for us to be in the room to say goodbye. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo killed roughly 12,000 elderly people and never paid the price for it. Govs. Tom Wolf (D-Pa.), Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.), and Phil Murphy (D-N.J.) slaughtered elderly people too and skated.

We couldn’t have proper funerals for them, but Saint George Floyd had four.

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FACT-O-RAMA! I was recently told I can’t wear a handkerchief over my face on a plane despite the fact that the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) declared that the bandana is 49% effective vs. the blue procedural mask, which is 38.5% effective when it comes to filtering particles.

They tried to send 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse to prison for defending himself against violent, rioting anarchists from BLM and Antifa.

COCKTAIL-O-RAMA! The Rittenhouse is a chaser followed by three shots of whiskey!

The far-left Marxists tried to shield a transgender rapist who anally raped a young girl in the ladies’ room at their school in Loudoun County, Va. The “academic” leftists are writing books that try to normalize pedophilia. One Lefty “intellectual” debated that it’s ok to have sex with kids as young as one-year-old. They are trying to recruit kids as young as Pre-K into transgenderism.

Listen to this angry “mama bear” read pedo-porn from a book available in her kid’s high school library.


Lefty kooks allow male rapists to “identify” as female and sent them to women’s prisons, where one miscreant raped a developmentally disabled woman for a week.

Left-leaning teachers are mad that they can’t teach “transgenderism” to kids who still believe in the Easter Bunny. So angry that some are quitting their teaching jobs.

Even sicker, the president of the United States supports sex-change operations for kids who are too young to buy firecrackers.

If you disagree with their insanity, you’re a “bigot.”

We watched BLM and their non-binary Antifa sisters burn cities with impunity while non-violent Jan. 6 protestors are STILL kept in inhumane conditions compliments of the feds. Check out this table comparing Jan. 6 to the riots in honor of Saint George Floyd and Trump’s inauguration. The violence caused by the left’s street thugs doesn’t compare to the relatively peaceful Jan. 6 protest.

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Fifty-one “intel specialists” covered for Hunter Biden’s laptop full of evidence. Big Tech booted the New York Post from Twitter for reporting on it. All lies.

Inflation and gas prices are gutting Americans while the Democrats tell us everything is great, and if those pesky gas prices are hurting you, go buy a $55,000 electric car. Or have a glass of wine. In other words, deal with it, plebe.

Disney, the world’s largest company dedicated to entertaining kids, has a grooming problem.

Real Americans have had it.

We watched as voters handed Virginia Democrats a pounding in last November’s elections. Long Island, solidly blue at one point, cleaned house and voted for Republicans in four out of four races on the same day Virginia cleaned house. Kenosha, Wisc., home to the riots over the police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black guy who was retrieving a knife from his car after being stopped by cops for sexually assaulting an ex-girlfriend, voted red Tuesday in races from the county executive down to school board seats. Nearby Waukesha and Menomonee Falls followed suit. The writing is on the wall: go woke and real Americans will send you to your room.

The Daily Wire is in combat mode. Not only did they get into the razor business to compete against the wokesters at Harry’s, but they also have their sights set on Disney.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed an anti-grooming law in Florida. Tennessee is looking to ban obscene materials for all school kids through 12th grade, and Georgia has passed several measures that help parents protect their kids.

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Now is the time for conservatives to get LOUD. The battle against Marxism is ON, and it’s going very well for us. Now is the time to step on the gas, NOT the brakes. It’s time for all of us to go to a school board meeting, demand answers, and stop voting for RINOs like Mitt Romney.

Here is a list of things YOU can do to win our country back from the pinkos. It’s go time! There are WAY more patriots than there are shrieking, pink-haired mollycoddles.

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