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Please, Idiot Blue State Dems, Bring Back Draconian COVID Protocols

In yesterday’s Briefing, we were talking about what the Democrats might do to abscond with an election that, by all indications, they should get annihilated in. We all know that they would love a replay of the COVID panic that they used in 2020 to completely shred election law and transparency.

But what if their COVID fetish turns out to be a huge assist for the Republicans?

Here in the latter half of 2022, the Democrats are looking to kick it old school when it comes to COVID. Rick wrote last week that the Los Angeles County Commie Klatch is gearing up to get mask happy again:

Los Angeles County is on pace for a reimposition of the indoor mask mandate by the end of the month. The highly contagious Omicron subvariant BA.5 — the fastest-spreading form of omicron so far — is spreading quickly, and the number of infections could trigger an automatic mask mandate indoors later this month.

They have metrics in place for a repeat of mask mania, whether the new variants are as dangerous or not. Once more, with feeling: this has nothing to with public health, it’s all about control. Those triggering numbers are in place because they knew that each variant would probably spread faster than its previous versions but not be as dangerous. They merely wanted an excuse for a repeat of COVID Kabuki Theater.

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Matt wrote yesterday that the folks at the top are still clinging to the mask nonsense as well:

On Sunday, Dr. Ashish Jha, Joe Biden’s COVID-19 coordinator, appeared on ABC’s “This Week,” during which he “reminded” people that the pandemic isn’t over yet and that they should wear masks out in public.

“You know, I have to say I’ve been traveling again this week, on airplanes, in airports, so few people wearing masks. And in New York City, where they have a 15 percent positivity rate, The New York Times described it as kind of a ‘meh’ reaction to this variant. So what do you do?” host Martha Raddatz of ABC’s “This Week,” asked Jha.

“I think it’s really important to remind people of the science, the public health science. And the public health science is very clear,” Jha replied. “If you’re in a crowded indoor space, especially if it’s poorly ventilated, wearing a mask reduces your risk of infection and reduces your risk of spreading it to others.”

Jha also expressed support for Los Angeles County, which is bringing back its universal mask mandate later this month.

“My view on this has been very clear, which is local jurisdictions, cities, counties, states should make decisions about mask mandates because communities are different and their patterns of transmission are different.”

Despite all the evidence to the contrary, Jha insists that mask-wearing “really will make a difference.”

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These people are psychopaths.

And that might just be helpful right now.

The return of COVID fascism — especially in mask form — isn’t likely to play well with an electorate that long ago wearied of this nonsense. Yeah, the progressive sheep in deep blue areas will dutifully welcome being under the oppressive thumb of the government. The rest of America will not be amused, however. The COVID throwback drama won’t even have to play out in their areas, just seeing it happen in the blue cities and states will remind them why they shouldn’t vote for Democrats.

If there are still any voters on the fence, this pathetic attempt to peddle needless COVID panic porn might just push them into the arms of the Republicans forever.

So mask up, blue dummies. Let’s see how that works out for you.

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