New Presidental Poll Is Bad News For Bernie Sanders

By CCN.com: A new NBC/WSJ poll has revealed what Americans don’t want as president – a socialist or a septuagenarian over 75. Unfortunately for Democrats, their two front-runners each possess at least one of those two qualities. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, 77, is an avowed socialist, according to Bloomberg. Though former vice president Joe Biden is yet to declare his candidacy, he is 76.

Specifically, the poll found that only 37 percent of the respondents found a presidential candidate over 75 desirable. Majority of voters, in fact, indicated they would be enthusiastic or comfortable with a youthful president. According to the survey, 58 percent of the respondents would be accepting of a candidate under the age of 40.

Socialism is a Dirty Word in Modern American Politics

On political ideology, only 25 percent of the respondents indicated that being socialist was a desirable characteristic for a presidential candidate. Socialism was also seen as a ‘dirty word,’ according to the poll. Just 18 percent of Americans had a positive view of the term while 50 percent viewed it negatively, according to NBC News. With regard to capitalism, 19 percent viewed it negatively while 50 percent had a positive view.

Desirability of presidential characteristics from a poll conducted Feb. 24-27 | Source: Jiachuan Wu/NBC News

This comes at a time when the Democrats are being accused of turning too far to the left. Consequently, they have become a soft target of opportunistic Republicans who haven’t wasted the chance to highlight the historical failings of socialism.

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Last year in October, the White House Council of Economic Advisers put out a document attacking socialism and warning of the grave effects it would have in the U.S. if it were adopted. On the economy, the document warned that greater economic freedom resulted in better economic performance and lesser economic freedom translated into poorer economic performance:

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