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Larry David: ‘Worst Dictators in History’ Have More Redeeming Qualities than Trump

Actor Larry David, Seinfeld co-creator and Curb Your Enthusiasm star, told the New York Times that unlike President Donald Trump, “the worst dictators in history” have at least one “decent quality” about them.

“You know, it’s an amazing thing. The man has not one redeeming quality,” David told the Times’ Maureen Dowd of President Trump. “You could take some of the worst dictators in history and I’m sure that all of them, you could find one decent quality. Stalin could have had one decent quality, we don’t know!”

(Joseph Stalin’s regime killed an estimated 20 million people).

The actor was fired up about Dowd mentioning Trump tweeting a clip from Curb that sees David ridiculing a Trump supporter. An episode that featured Larry David wearing a red MAGA hat as a “people repellent” was co-opted by Trump, who captioned his tweet of the clip: “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!”

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“That was crazy, crazy. I don’t understand it. I still don’t get it,” David says of Trump’s tweet.

The Times’ lengthy Q&A with Larry David found the longtime writer-producer in quarantine, as the world is in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. An economic and health crisis is crushing the lives everyday Americans — and has killed more than 10,000 Americans, as of this writing. But for Larry David, “the hardest thing about the day” is “watching what comes out of this guy’s mouth” he says of President Trump’s daily press briefings.

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“It turns you into a maniac because you’re yelling at the television,” David said.

It was in this Times profile that Larry David said Bernie Sanders (I-VT) should drop his presidential bid.

“I feel he should drop out. Because he’s too far behind,” said David, who regularly impersonates Sanders on Saturday Night Live. “He can’t get the nomination. And I think, you know, it’s no time to fool around here. Everybody’s got to support Biden.”

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