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WINDY CITY WOES: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot faces eight candidates in the mayoral race Tuesday as the city selects its next leader. Lightfoot’s record on crime is a top concern, and polls have shown her support waning in recent months. Read more from Fox News’ Timothy Nerozzi: Chicago mayoral election: Polls open as Lightfoot faces 8 challengers, with crime top of mind

GREEN OR RED? GOP goes after Biden administration cabinet member for working with a green energy group that has ties to China. Read more from Fox News’ Thomas Catenacci: Top Republican raises alarm on Biden energy secretary’s work with China-connected group pushing gas stove ban

ORE-GONE: A campaign to have rural eastern Oregon effectively secede from the blue state and join more conservative Idaho is gaining steam as leaders from both states express support for relocating the border between them. Read more from Fox News’ Aaron Kliegman: ‘Greater Idaho’ movement to absorb conservative rural counties from liberal Oregon gains momentum

PETE BUTTI-JET: The inspector general at the Department of Transportation has begun investigating Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s extensive travel on private jets following Fox News Digital’s reporting. Read more from Fox News’ Thomas Catenacci: Inspector general investigating Pete Buttigieg’s extensive private jet travel after Fox News Digital report

BAD FOR WU: After the Energy Department declared a lab leak “likely” caused the COVID-19 outbreak, 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley vowed to cut all US aid to China if she wins the White House. Read more from Foz News’s Greg Wehner: Nikki Haley tweets COVID ‘likely’ came from Chinese lab, pledges to cut US aid if elected president

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M.I.A. PETE: Congressional Republicans want to dig into Buttigieg’s response to the Ohio train derailment and toxic leak of chemicals in East Palestine. Read more from Fox News’ Kelly Laco: Lawmakers investigate Buttigieg for ‘apathy’ in the face of East Palestine train disaster

HER TOO: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna claims her military records may also have been inappropriately released to a Democrat-funded opposition research firm. Read more from Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie: Anna Paulina Luna says her military records likely leaked by Air Force to Dem firm as scandal grows: ‘It’s BS’

FETTERMAN HEALTH UPDATE: Sen. John Fetterman’s office said his treatment for depression has been progressing well. Read more here: Democrat Sen. Fetterman’s office releases update after he checks himself into hospital for clinical depression

VETO COUNTOWN: As of a Department of Labor (DOL) rule allowing retirement plan managers to factor environment, social and governance (ESG) into their investment decisions, Biden could be readying his veto pen. Read more from Fox News’ Kelly Laco: Biden could issue his first veto as Congress prepares to vote against ESG investment rule

VETO COUNTOWN 2.0: Another potential piece for Biden to veto could be around congressional efforts to strike down DC’s changes to criminal justice. Read more from Fox News’ Chad Pergram: Biden may be forced to use his veto pen as Congress battles DC over softening of capital’s criminal code

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LESSONS FROM AFGHANISTAN: The top inspector general for Afghanistan urges Congress to create an independent office to overse aid to Ukraine. Read more from Fox News’ Thomas Phippen: Afghanistan IG calls for more oversight to prevent fraud, avoid ‘significant mistakes’ in $133B Ukrainian aid

FOX NEWS POLL: Fox News Poll: Trump, DeSantis top 2024 Republican preference

CASH DASH: The 2024 GOP primary has started slowly, but with more candidates getting in, or rumored to announce a run, the race to raise funds from donors is heating up. Read more from Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser: Trump, Haley and potential 2024 contenders like DeSantis court big donors as GOP’s White House race heats up

‘RUN’ DESANTIS? Though he hasn’t announced whether he will be running for president, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has released a memoir of his political life and is using it to promote his conservative vision for America. Implement conservative. Read more from Fox News’ Jessica Chasmar: Ron DeSantis reveals his plan to ‘Make America Florida’

VIVEK’S CASH: Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy vows to use his fortune to make considerable contributions to his campaign, while wishing to raise some funds throuigh grassroots, small-dollar donations. Read more from Fox News’ Paul Steinhauser: Multimillionaire 2024 GOP candidate vows to make ‘meaningful investment’ in his campaign

SENATE RACE UPDATE: Who’s in, who’s out and who’s undecided?

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