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Celebrities Mourn End of Roe v. Wade, Rage at Conservatives

Hollywood creatives and other celebrities continue to emote and lament the Supreme Court’s overturning of its 1972 abortion decision Roe v. Wade two days after the court handed down its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

10:17 AM — Documentary filmmaker Jeremy Newberger suspects some men who were not involved in deciding the constitutionality of declaring a federal right to dismember innocent unborn children for convenience’s sake may have procured abortions. Curious! He is very intelligent.

10:12 AM — Director Rob Reiner thinks Democrats should “kill the filibuster” to pass laws enshrining a “right” to dismember innocent unborn children (and, somehow, that they have a chance of keeping the House of Representatives this November):

10:09 AM — Pop star Cher with the “if men could get pregnant, they’d also choose to dismember an innocent unborn child” take:

9:45 AM — Pop star Pink tells people with differing politics to “NEVER FUCKING LISTEN TO MY MUSIC AGAIN.”

9:40 AM — Model and infomercial spokeswoman Daisy Fuentes accuses Republicans of going Communist.

Story cited here.

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