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Biden Downplays Record Increases in Food Prices: “You’re Going to See People Buying Other Raisin Bran”

Joe Biden Thursday evening gave an interview with NewsNation to discuss a variety of issues plaguing the Democrats going into the midterm elections.

Biden was asked why voters should choose Democrats in this year’s midterms given record inflation.

“Given record inflation, why should voters choose Democrats?” the reporter asked.

“Because it’s not record inflation anymore. I’m bringing it down. Look at what we inherited!” Biden said.

Inflation was 1.4% when Joe Biden took office.

Biden also downplayed the record increases in food prices and insisted the real problem is with the packaged goods.

This is a lie. The price of eggs, poultry and beef have skyrocketed thanks to Bidenflation.

“Packaged goods, you’re gonna see people not buying Kellogg’s Raisin Bran…you’re gonna see them buy another raisin bran which should be $1 dollar cheaper,” said Biden.

Biden said this with a straight face.

Story cited here.

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