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🤔 AOC Is Selling A $65 Green New Deal Hoodie Made From Petroleum Products

Socialist AOC has opened up an online shop full of super expensive merch. But one of the best items is a Green New Deal hoodie made out of some not so green materials.

Andy Swan summed up the irony in just four images:

Yeah, the sweatshirt is 20% polyester and polyester is indeed a synthetic fiber derived from petroleum. Seems to me like this new deal is about a different kind of green.

(money. I’m talking about money.)

You also just have to appreciate the shameless capitalism of this self-avowed socialist. It’s beautiful!

Listen, I don’t have any issue with someone capitalizing on their notoriety to make a buck. This is America. More power to you. But when you spend your days criticizing the evils of capitalism, it seems more than a little tone-deaf to open up your own online merch store to hawk t-shirts and hoodies.

But hey maybe I’m crazy 🤷‍♂️

Oh, oh, oh! There’s one more thing!
The store also (again, unironically) features another $65 hoodie. This one reads “tax the rich,” And…



Bahahaha! 🤣
Who do you expect is gonna buy that except rich people???

So, if you have some expendable income that you want to see go toward a terrible cause, feel free to browse the whole store yourself.

I guess socialism sells.

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