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Yes, They’re Going to Arrest Donald Trump. Deal With It.

If you haven’t yet come to terms with the fact that vile, power-abusing, Left-wing goblins are going to arrest former President Donald Trump, you’ve got your head in the sand. These people are unprincipled cage-fighters animated by their seething lust to destroy Orange Man Bad. Our upper echelon law enforcement has been transformed into an iron fist, and we’ve taken unprecedented blow after unprecedented blow for years now — presidential candidate Trump wiretapped, the Russia Hoax, two impeachments on the flimsiest of grounds, FBI raids of conservative journalists and political enemies (especially those in Trump’s orbit, including his attorneys Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani), and most recently, the reprehensible raid of the Trump family’s beloved home. Why on earth would you think these people will stop there?

And because it’s unimaginable to conservatives to politicize and weaponize the DOJ and FBI to this extent, we’ve been caught flat-footed every time the establishment demolishes yet another norm of American civility.

Did you think partisan Leftists are conducting all these endless trumped-up malicious prosecutions for fun? While that is undoubtedly part of it, there is now an all-out race to be the Historic™ first prosecutor to hack off a presidential scalp. The mad dash is on! Who will take that victory lap? Who will be the champion to bring the Party the coveted optics of a Trumpian perp walk and mugshot? Who will be the toast of the elite, with access-for-life to the best parties, jaunts, and boondoggles? Who will rake in all those fat book, Netflix, academic, and corporate appearance deals? Whose name will make it into the history books?

Attorney General Merrick Garland is in a strong position with his latest Mar-a-Lago panty raid tranche. But then again, New York AG Letitia James, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg, and Fulton County, Ga., DA Fani Willis all have a solid start with their own trumped-up investigations. Either way, make no mistake: every one of these hacks is gunning for Trump’s head.

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What has always been unimaginable in the United States is now pretty much guaranteed: Yes, there will be an indictment of a former president. Leftists are saying it out loud now. Obama wingman and former weaponized AG Eric Holder said as much on Thursday, in an interview with Joe Madison on SiriusXM:

“My guess is that by the end of this process, you’re going to see indictments involving high-level people in the White House, you’re going to see indictments against people outside the White House who were advising them with regard to the attempt to steal the election, and I think ultimately you’re probably going to see the President, former President of the United States indicted as well.”

So, yes, sooner or later, someone will get a grand jury or a judge to indict Donald Trump for something or other. Remember — they impeached him twice. Impeachment is a Congressional indictment, so this isn’t exactly a new concept to the Left. Once Trump is indicted, why would they stop there? The next step is to swear out an arrest warrant. At the very least, the former president will need to turn himself in, which will produce the coveted mugshot. Or, if someone especially vindictive gets there first, expect a full-on perp walk arrest. There’s no reason to think the FBI’s needless public arrest of former Trump advisor Peter Navarro was a one-off exercise.

We have to accept the probability and be ready for it when it happens.

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If and when Leftist goblins arrest former president Trump, here’s the first thing to which we must all commit: We will not erupt into violence. If the anti-American forces succeed in goading the United States into a civil war, we’re over and done. You may as well start brushing up on your Mandarin now, if you think a hot civil war will work out well for us. There are still ways to get out of this mess without breaking the emergency glass yet.

I also recommend we refrain from watching the Leftist media or visiting Leftist social media. The goblins will be working the situation as hard as possible to humiliate the man they hate more than anything in the world, and they’ll be smug and hateful to a sickening degree. Channel Jesus when He said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” If He could let it slide, we can, too.

Next, remember that the action is as meaningless as every other partisan lawfare initiative to which the goblins have subjected Trump. Rather than let vile leftists cost you one moment of sleep, laugh in their faces and remember former president Ronald Reagan’s great quip: There you go again.

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