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“What About The $80,000 For Alcohol?” – Ronna Romney McDaniel Runs From TGP Reporter When Asked About Spending Millions On Luxury Items

RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney Mcdaniel, who is seeking reelection in today’s election, ran away from TGP correspondent Jordan Conradson this morning when confronted about her scandalous spending of donor money on private jets, luxury items, and clothing for herself.

An RNC Staffer then got physical with Conradson to prevent him from questioning Ronna further and asked security to have Conradson removed.

The RNC is voting today to elect a new chairman at their winter meeting at the lavish $1,000/night Waldorf Astoria Resort in Dana Point, California. News Nation national correspondent Robert Sherman told The Gateway Pundit, “This is the only event that’s open press. Everything else is behind closed doors.”

The vote is expected to begin at 11 am.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Ronna’s latest scandal of spending millions of donor dollars on luxury expenses since 2017. “The records also include more than $100,000 in hair/makeup services and dry cleaning expenses, which presumably are for McDaniel’s media appearances and wardrobe. Dry cleaning expenses are categorized mainly as office supplies or travel expenses, while the hair/makeup services are categorized as media preparation,” According to Red State.

Ronna reportedly spent $3.1 million on private jet services, $1.3 million on limousine/chauffeur services, $17.1 million on donor mementos, $750,000 on floral arrangements, and $80,000 in alcohol-related expenditures.

These expenses also included private jets, limo services, NFL games, Broadway shows, senior staffer retreats, and on items from high-end brands.

McDaniel responded, calling the allegations “blatantly false.”

Ronna used a similar excuse to duck out of John Fredricks’s RNC Chairman candidate forum on Wednesday, telling Steve Bannon that she was “never-ever asked to be a part of that debate” and calling the controversy created by her refusal to participate a “fake news lie.”

Fredricks clapped back at Ronna and told Bannon, ” Of course, we invited her, just like we invited Harmeet and Mike Lindell. Both of those accepted immediately. By the way, they had seemed to have no conflict with it. They never bothered to respond because they don’t care about you or me or anybody listening to this show.”

If Ronna was truthful, why would she refuse to speak to our reporter?

Conradson saw Ronna walking out of the conference room where RNC committeemen are meeting to elect a new chair, and she ran away when he asked about RNC expenditures.

Conradson: Ronna, it’s Jordan Conradson with The Gateway Pundit. I wanted to ask you about some of the RNC’s expenditures.

Ronna: uhhh (runs away)

Conradson: $80 grand on alcohol? How do you do that?

Story cited here.

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