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Waukesha Attack Has REALLY Exposed Left’s Rotten Core

We’re still a couple of days away from Thanksgiving, so I’m not quite all pumpkin pie and beer smiles yet. I will be when we get there, I promise.

Today we’ll be taking a gander at the dreck again. There is an awful lot of it out there.

The unhinged, deadly Christmas parade attack in Waukesha, Wisc., by Darrell Brooks was a jarring national horror. That’s a correct take on the situation. Unfortunately, here in post-sanity America, almost everything has to be perverted by politically-infused hot takes from people who are too emotionally broken to take a breath in the face of tragedy before responding.

American leftists are still smarting from the fact that justice was done last week in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. For all of their caterwauling about justice, the far left in this country doesn’t have a very functional definition of it.

Because so many of them are unstable, many on the left decided to let their Rittenhouse opinions trigger their Waukesha responses.

Kevin writes about a BLM activist who said the attack means “the revolution has begun,” and he was basing that on a rumor he heard about the Rittenhouse verdict motivating Brooks:

“I said I wasn’t going to speak on no rumors. Y’all are repeating some of the stuff that, you know, that has come up. And I can tell you that the initial person who reached out to me said that they believe that this has to do with the verdict, and so I made an assumption of which side it would be from, but I don’t know,” Mayes continued.

So…either a lunatic was motivated by the verdict to commit murder or our friends over at BLM are simply seizing on something to use as another excuse for violence. Yeah, both could be true, but, upon closer examination, it appears that Brooks is just a stone-cold scumbag and garbage human being.

But wait, there’s more.


Illinois Democrat Mary Lemanski called Sunday’s Christmas parade massacre “karma” on residents of Wisconsin for Friday’s “not guilty” verdicts in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Lemanski is the social media director for the Democratic Party in DuPage County, according to the New York Post, and also studies comedic acting at Second City Chicago.

Second City, by the way, hasn’t done anything worthwhile since John Belushi was there.

There’s good news from our colleague Karen Townsend at HotAir: Lemanski has resigned and deleted the Twitter evidence of her filthy, awful, dark heart.

These are but a couple of examples. There was a lot of this out there yesterday. This is the American left right now. Again, they are not well people.

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