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Videos Show Mounting Destruction as Hurricane Ida Moves Inland

Videos from southern Louisiana show the beginnings of the destructive power of Hurricane Ida. The dangerous storm moved inland early Sunday afternoon as a Category 4 hurricane.

A video shot by Zack LeBoeuf in Chauvin, Louisiana, on Sunday shows the powerful winds from Hurricane Ida ripping the roof from a mobile home. Tall pine trees are seen whipping around like waves of grain.

Another series of videos shows the tidal surge and heavy rains flooding the coast at Grand Isle, Louisiana.

In Houma, Louisiana, video shows a roof being ripped away and a power pole broken in two.

More videos from Chauvin and Larose, Louisiana shows more roofs being blown off buildings.

In the New Orleans French Quarter, a video shows debris in the streets.

Further north, WAPT’s Ross Adams in Jackson, Mississippi, tweeted a video showing dangerous winds and rain as the outer bands of Hurricane Ida impact the area.

Video from St. Rose, Louisiana shows two boats that broke loose and appeared to crash.

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