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US Troops in Iraq Targeted by Rockets After Biden Administration Launched Syrian Airstrike

Thirteen rockets were fired at an Iraqi military base hosting American troops early Wednesday morning, New York Post reports.

Ten of the thirteen rockets struck Ain al-Asad air base, which is also host to Iraqi troops. There were no reports of casualties or injuries.

The rocket attack comes less than a week after the Biden administration launched its first airstrike in Syria. It is the second time in the past month that US troops in Iraq were attacked by rocket fire, with the Syrian airstrike being described as a retaliatory response to the rocket attack on Feb 15.

The February rocket attack, which targeted the same air base, left an American military contractor dead and several others, including an American serviceman, wounded.

The Biden administration argued that the airstrike in Syria would deter further attacks on US troops, but with US troops came under attack less than a week later.

The rocket attack also comes just days after the US government raised the threat level for their troops in Iraq.

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