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US Preparing For Flood Of Migrants At The Border

Immigration agents have been informed by the Biden administration to be ready to process hundreds of thousands of migrant families and asylum claims in the coming months, The Washington Free Beacon is reporting.

A senior official told the outlet that the administration is expected to end Title 42, which is a law used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the Trump administration to keep migrants from entering the U.S.

The Beacon said security officials have informed their staffs that they will have to process up to 1,200 family units a day and as many as 312,000 a year.

“Border Patrol agents, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, and customs officers are stretched thin trying to protect and secure our border,” said the official. “Asking them to process roughly 6,000 people a week undoubtedly strain already thin resources and increase human trafficking and drug smuggling.”

An unnamed Homeland Security official told the Beacon, “All of these people will become permanent residents. There’s no political will from the Biden administration to deport families once they’re already admitted. The White House knows that. The end of Title 42 will result in de facto open borders.”

The Beacon noted the internal directive has further damaged moral within national security agencies, where staffs are overwhelmed.

And border agents noted President Joe Biden and the CDC are warning of the COVID-19 Delta variant even as the government is ending policies that were designed to make certain any migrants who carry diseases are not allow into the U.S.

Meanwhile, an increase in the number of unaccompanied migrant children crossing the southern border indicates a summer surge might be under way, the Washington Examiner reported.

After more than 500 children were encountered daily by Border Patrol through much of March and April, the number had dropped to below 300. However, recent data showed that more than 530 children appeared at the border on June 23, the Examiner said.

Recent data, released June 25, showed that nearly 15,000 young migrants are being held at government facilities run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Immigration opponents have not complained as loudly as they did under the Trump administration because unaccompanied children now are being transferred to HHS within 24 hours instead of being held in jail-like Border Patrol facilities for days or week, the Examiner reported.

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