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Two Men Allegedly Attack Trump Fan Wearing MAGA Hat Who Originally Came From West Africa.

On Saturday, two men allegedly attacked a man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat in Germantown, Maryland, roughly 30 miles from Washington, D.C.

The alleged victim, Atsu Nable, told FOX 5 that the two men approached him, indicating they did not like his hat and telling him to take it off. He claimed one man struck him from behind. He recalled, “I was like, ‘Why are you doing that? You know? We don’t have to do this.’” Nable said they answered, “No, no, no, no, that hat is not any good.” He continued, “ .. and then they started punching me on my head.”

Nable told Fox 5 that he informed them that he was free to have his own perspective and attempted to walk away but they kept striking him until he fell. He said they smashed his headphones; he claimed he tried to retrieve his cell phone and photograph them as they fled, prompting them to return and try to grab his cell phone, but he successfully fought them off.

Fox 5 reported, “Witnesses called 911 and Montgomery County police say officers canvassing the area found the two suspects at a nearby basketball court attempting to hide among the children playing.” The suspects, Scott Roberson, 25, and Jovan Crawford, 27, have been charged with robbery and second-degree assault.

Nable, who is an American citizen, said he legally emigrated from Togo in West Africa in 2007 and has been a fan of the Republican Party and President Trump since Trump started his candidacy. He said he went to Trump’s campaign events and volunteered to help when Trump was inaugurated.

There have been other recent incidents where people wearing MAGA hats have been attacked; in Late February, an 18-year-old Oklahoma high school student who encountered another student wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump 2020 flag like a cape, blocked the other student from passing him, and snapped, “Take it off or I’ll rip it off … do you want me to rip it off?” and “You going to rip it off or am I going to burn it?” before knocking off the hat and ripping the flag away so he could throw it on the ground.

In mid-February, a woman at the Casa Vallarta Mexican restaurant near Falmouth, Massachusetts, allegedly assaulted a young man wearing a MAGA hat and got herself arrested; it turned out that she was in the United States illegally. Also in mid-February, in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a man from Tennessee allegedly pulled a gun on a man wearing a Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat, stuck the gun in the MAGA-hat-wearing man’s face and reportedly threatened, “It’s a good day for you to die.”

Last November, a female Harvard University graduate student who had a MAGA hat and legally-owned guns in her room was asked by her apartment owner to move out after her roommates reportedly searched through her room and found the guns.

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