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Twitter Allows Full On Talk of Racial Genocide Against White People to Happen On Its Platform

Long ago, Twitter boldly declared that it would crack down hard on harmful racism, prejudice, and bigotry, complete with “Trust and Safety Council” and algorithms meant to put a stop to the ignorant and destructive behavior that plagues our society.

They did it, but also they didn’t, because while they put a stop to everything that even remotely looks like bigoted behavior toward certain groups, it flies freely toward white people.

The proof is in the fact that yesterday a conversation was had on Twitter Spaces between a group of what can only be described as black supremacists and racial activists. During the conversation, one of the participants who was co-hosting the event going by “dagoonchmonsta” admitted fully that he is for white genocide and throwing white people into gas chambers. He said this shamelessly and even encouraged others to spread his words around.

You can hear other guests chuckling as he said this and one speaker spamming the laugh emoji.

This is the same account that posted the hasthag “#MayoMonkeysGottaGo,” and compared a white mother doing her daughter’s hair to pale furred monkeys grooming each other.

The account has since been deleted, but it would appear that this was intentional as this individual has other online accounts, including a Twitter account that is still live.

This highlights two issues.

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For one, it’s pretty clear that Twitter is only taking immediate action against racism when it comes to minorities. However, direct racism against white people seems to be something Twitter is slow to act on if it acts at all.

Secondly, it tells us that racism is indeed alive and well in our society, but those who control the mainstream platforms are wanting to talk about nothing but white supremacy and racism against minorities. This does well to serve as not only a distraction from the very real racism seen in mainstream culture but also allows for an excuse to be used for this racism.

In this way, even when someone said they’re in support of white genocide, the blame is still on white people for supposedly doing his race wrong and making this man hateful against them.

While it is true that our society has its problems and that certain races have their issues within it, it’s wrong to say that these issues are wholly the fault of white people. The reasons are, of course, more nuanced and involve a lot of governmental policies that encourage destructive behavior more than anything.

But that’s not going to fly to racial supremacists like the kind seen in the video above, and what’s more, Twitter seems to be exacerbating this issue by taking no action against people legitimately taking a Hitler-esque view of another race.

Perhaps Twitter’s new CEO will change things, but judging by his stance on truth and facts, I doubt it.

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