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Tucker Carlson: The Left Is Working To Crush Dissent While CNN Applauds.

Last summer, CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins was barred from a White House event after she asked questions the administration thought were too aggressive. As an organization, CNN has relentlessly attacked Fox News over the years. On the other hand, reporters ought to be allowed to ask hard questions of public officials. Executives here at Fox didn’t hesitate. They loudly came to Kaitlan Collins’ defense. So did “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier, so did this show.

Whatever you think of CNN, Kaitlan Collins is a great person. Defending her was not a tough call. Then the White House briefly banned CNN correspondent Jim Acosta. Jim Acosta is not a great person. He is awful. Ask anyone who knows him.

Still, Fox News stuck to principle. Even awful people ought to be allowed to cover the White House. Fox immediately filed an amicus brief supporting Jim Acosta’s return to the White House press pool. Acosta got his credentials back. You may dislike Fox News. But there is no question about this channel’s commitment to free speech. We defend speech, even when it’s unpopular, even when the person speaking has attacked us personally.

Free expression is bigger than any one person or any organization. It is the very heart of this country. It’s the foundation of all other freedoms. We really believe that. CNN and MSNBC do not believe that.

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