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Tucker Carlson Discusses Army Battalion Commander Who Said ‘White People Are Part Of The Problem’

On Fox News Thursday night, Tucker Carlson discussed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin who vowed to root extremism in the military. However, the Pentagon is partnering with Islamic activists to decide who those extremists are. Carlson also cited a US Army battalion commander at Fort Carson who reportedly told troops, “white people are part of the problem.”

Carlson interviewed Dana Greenfield, an investigative journalist about his research into the scandals. Carlson asked Greenfield what picture of the U S military and its leadership do these actions portray?

Greenfield answered, “It paints a very unpleasant one from the top down. Bishop Garrison is running a CDWG, which is the countering extremism working group. This was the organization that Austin has set up in order to create a new definition of extremism, because there’s so much talk about extremism.”

Greenfield then outlined his concerns. “How do you define extremism? This group is going to define that extremism. It’s going to use screen recruits into the military. It’s going to punish them if they lie about their past activities. It’s going to be a point of contact for veterans, warning them about extremism. And it’s obviously going to regulate who gets into what kind of national security positions.”

Greenfield added that the work group has “…gotten 18 experts to come in and coordinate with this counting assumes and working group on this definition. Only one of them has a military background. Only two of them have a law enforcement background. The vast majority of them are partisan Democrats who have supported Biden. And then strangely enough about a third of them are Muslim or Islamist groups, two of whom appear not even be United States, citizens who have worked with the United nations.”

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Greenfield is concerned that the group is going to create a definition of extremism that fits a particular political agenda.

“Bishop Garrison has already said that we’re not going to have any tolerance for this ideology…when she started talking about ideology, beliefs that people in the military can and can’t have, that is very much a political Komisar. That’s the kind of thing that the left was accusing McCarthy of doing in the Army. McCarthy hearings are, they’re going to tell people in the military, what kind of beliefs they can have, what they can think, not just what they can do.”

Carlson responded by pointing out that “…at some point, someone in the Congress can hold up the military budget over stuff like this. Like you can’t have a politicized military. That’s the one thing you can’t have.” He then asked Greenfield if he had “heard of any member of Congress was like, no, you can’t have any more defective fighter jets. If you keep talking like this? Is anybody pushing back?”

Greenfield concluded, “Responded, or for that matter of defunding the actual money, that’s going to all these critical race theory diversity programs, because that’s really a huge financial center.”

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