Trump endorsed by CatholicVote as New Hampshire clock ticks closer to midnight

Fox News Digital has learned that CatholicVote, one of the nation's largest Catholic advocacy groups, is endorsing former President Trump for president in 2024.

FIRST ON FOX: Former President Donald Trump was endorsed by one of the nation’s largest Catholic advocacy groups as the New Hampshire primary clock ticks closer to midnight.

Fox News Digital has learned that CatholicVote is throwing its hat behind Trump for president, giving the former president their endorsement.

Additionally, CatholicVote is encouraging approximately 137,000 Catholic voters in New Hampshire to vote for Trump during Tuesday’s presidential primary.


CatholicVote president Brian Burch told Fox News Digital that the organization has “remained neutral” in the primary up until now, because they thought there were “a number of viable and compelling candidates in the race.”

“But the number of candidates has dramatically winnowed over the last week, and we are now in a two-person race,” Burch said. “And we think at this point it is important that Catholics start to begin to rally around President Trump.”

“Not only would he be a far better choice over Nikki Haley, he is the choice that Americans need in November,” Burch continued. “And Catholics… will play a critical role in this election, and the fate of our Catholic way of life is really at stake in this election.”

Burch said the endorsement of Trump isn’t “some big gamble,” saying that Americans “watched him” for four years and touting the former president’s record of judicial appointments.

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Burch also highlighted the “kinds of people” Trump “surrounded himself with,” as well as the former president’s “courage.”

“And I think we came to realize that, of all the virtues necessary [to be president], that courage is essential. Many candidates come and go and check boxes on certain policies and issues, especially on the campaign. But what separated President Trump, I think, from a lot of leaders was his courage to do the right thing, no matter what the consequences might be.”

CatholicVote said it will be emailing and texting approximately 137,000 Catholic voters in New Hampshire to mobilize them behind Trump.

“ALERT: Catholics across New Hampshire are uniting behind Donald Trump! America’s largest Catholic advocacy org just announced they have endorsed President Trump because he cares about people like us, and will lead the way once again,” the text, obtained by Fox News Digital, reads.

“Don’t let the media decide this election,” it continues. “President Trump needs your vote TODAY!”

Trump’s endorsement by the Catholic advocacy group comes as he seeks a rematch with President Biden, who is Catholic. Fox News Digital reached out to the Trump campaign for comment on the endorsement.

CatholicVote’s endorsement of Trump comes hours before New Hampshire flexes its political muscle as the first-in-the-nation presidential primary election.

The GOP side of the race has whittled down to just two major candidates — Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis suspended his campaign on Sunday.

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Biden, however, is in a uniquely sticky situation going into Tuesday.

Drama between his campaign and the Granite State over where the first Democratic primary will be held has culminated with the president being left off the primary ballot in New Hampshire.

Biden is now having to turn to a write-in campaign to try and win the contest.

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