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Trump ‘Confident’ Media Silence on Audits Will End

Former President Donald Trump is “confident” the silent media will ultimately have to cover the findings of the election audits in a number of states, according to former presidential strategist Dick Morris on Newsmax.

“He wants the truth to come out and he’s confident these audits will do it,” Morris told Tuesday’s “Stinchfield” after joining President Trump on the golf course Saturday and hearing his arguments of a rigged election, on he has not conceded.

Among the most pointed comments from the former president were a rebuke of the media’s lack of interest in covering the 2020 presidential election audits, Morris told host Grant Stinchfield.

“[Trump’s] saying they’re not covering it enough, not giving his point of view enough publicity, but he feels these audits will force that,” Morris continued.

Morris also rebuked the effort of moderate Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., paying lipservice to the keeping Senate filibuster, but ultimately voting with Democrats to federalize the U.S. elections system.

“Then he went around and introduced his own version of the For the People Act,” Morris said. “That’s as bad as [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s, in fact many ways worse, and it violates the fundamental thing that you’ve gotta oppose about Pelosi’s bill.”

Morris noted American lawmakers need to support “keeping the constitutional requirement that states, not Washington, control the rules for voting in congressional elections.”

The Senate split its vote 50-50 on Tuesday night, declining to advance the For the People Act to debate.

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The bill, Morris added, would have ultimately negated state-led audits of their elections.

“If this bill by Manchin would have passed, there would have been no state to audit” the 2020 presidential election, Morris concluded, noting Manchin’s proposal to make the president’s attorney general the ostensible czar of elections. “The federal government would run it all, not Congress, the appointed attorney general named by the incumbent president.”

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