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Trump: China ‘Getting Away With Murder’

Just days after calling out China on Newsmax for “buying” President Joe Biden and son Hunter, former President Donald Trump warned the United States will see its economic and world power usurped by Beijing.

“We’re going to be dependent on China, if he doesn’t do something about it,” Trump said in an exclusive interview on Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy.”

“And China’s getting away with murder.”

Trump also said China is going to seize more economic power on Biden’s push for green energy.

“Well, we have to go elsewhere,” Trump told Morris. “We have to go to China or other countries, and that can’t be.

The green energy push by progressives will give China even more economic authority because of its current dominance in the world’s rare Earth mineral mining.

“And with rare Earth, this is so important,” Trump said, lamenting Americans closing rare-Earth mining down under the guise of environmental concerns. “We have a place in California, they shut it down for environmental reasons. It’s crazy.

“This beautiful, big, large, many, many acres of land, it’s got great rare Earth, and we shut it down for environmental reasons.

“It is crazy what we’re doing in this country.”

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