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Time Magazine Claims Exercise Has ‘White Supremacist’ Origins

Time magazine is being roasted over an article it published this week suggesting that exercise has its origins in white supremacy.

The insane claim is at the forefront of the magazine’s article, entitled “The white supremacist origins of exercise, and 6 other surprising facts about the history of U.S. physical fitness,” the basis of which is an interview with exercise historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela.

“This is totally part of a white supremacy project,” Petrzela said after claiming early twentieth century fitness enthusiasts supposedly said that “white women should start building up their strength because we need more white babies.”

She also alleges that the “running is for everybody” discourse is white male-focused and neglects the experience of “people of color [who] were thought to be committing a crime” if they were seen running.

“I thought this was the Onion at it again..then I see it’s Time’m so old I actually remember Time as being respected,” one person tweeted.

A number of black personalities and fitness influencers also took to Twitter to poke fun.

British rapper-turned-fitness guru Zuby, who published a book in 2019 called “Strong Advice: Zuby’s Guide to Fitness for Everybody,” tweeted that “2022 isn’t quite over yet. The ‘journalists’ still have new narratives up their sleeves.”

“Honestly, I want them to keep pumping articles like this out to eviscerate every remaining shred of their credibility and perceived legitimacy,” he said of the magazine. “It doesn’t anger me at all. It’s so goofy I consider it satire.”

“First math was a tool of white supremacy. Now it’s exercise. Pretty soon, food is gonna be a tool to continue systemic racism oppression,” former heavyweight boxer Ed Latimore quipped in response to Zuby’s post.

Another of his followers posted a map of Boulder, Colorado, showing search results for “gyms near me”, joking that the city is a “hub of Nazi meeting places!”

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Amongst all the posts roasting the magazine was one user who used it an an excuse to make fun of a particular person who is not exactly known for being a pillar of health and fitness.

“Did @TIME just prove that Trump isn’t a white supremacist?” the user joked.

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