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The Odds on Biden Ever Getting Anything Right Are Horrible

Top O’ the Briefing

Happy Monday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. My cat and Alexa are talking about me behind my back. Mostly in English.

A week ago I decided that it was time for a health and fitness “re-calibration” that would involve some time away from my beloved beer and whiskey. I’m going in for a checkup soon and I don’t want my new doctor to have to lead with, “Well, you’re fat and your liver is suing for emancipation.” So I am working diligently on unfattening myself and going to couples therapy with my liver.

But, given the way things are going, the timing of it was atrocious. I may come out of this dry spell by going to Ireland and trying to sleep in a cask of Jameson.

I prefer to take the long view of things, which helps to keep my mood from being buffeted about by the news of the day, week, or even month. My capacity for doing so is obviously being tested right now. My faith in the Constitution and the Americans who aren’t commie idiots remains strong, however.

Still, Biden is quite the optimism damper.

During our VIP Gold Live Chat last Thursday, Bryan, VodkaPundit, and I were running over the myriad ways in which Joe Biden and his handlers screwed up the decision-making process regarding the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s truly stunning in scope. It’s so bad, they were all probably wearing mismatched socks while “planning” this debacle.

My firm belief is that, even though these are dark days, we’re going to be just fine. Just not anytime soon. There is nothing on the horizon to suggest that this administration is ever going to get anything right.

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In his latest “C’mon Now!” video, Bryan dissects the decision to abandon Bagram Air Base and hope for the best with the embassy in Kabul. That was the second domino to fall, following Biden’s initial brain-dead idea about getting out, which Matt recapped in a post yesterday:

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) blasted Joe Biden on Fox News Radio’s Fox Across America on Friday, blaming the botched withdrawal and terror attack on Joe Biden wanting a “photo op for September 11.”

Joe Biden announced in mid-April that all military forces would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021—the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. At the time, Senator Chuck Schumer praised the revised timetable. “It’s refreshing to have a thought-out plan with a set timetable,” Schumer said.

The agreement reached between the Trump administration and the Taliban in February 2020 required the Taliban to end all attacks on our troops, refuse safe harbor for terrorists, and negotiate with Afghan leaders on creating a new government. As long as the Taliban lived up to these conditions, the United States would gradually withdraw. The plan was unanimously endorsed by the United Nations Security Council and resulted in tremendous stability, and the United States hadn’t suffered a single combat casualty in the country in eighteen months, even with a small presence of only 2,500 U.S. troops, the smallest military presence since military operations began in 2001. This was possible, former Vice President Pence explained earlier this month, because the Taliban understood “that the consequences of violating the deal would be swift and severe.”

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The photo-op slam is more than valid — Democrats are addicted to grandstanding for the media — but there’s more at play. Team Biden is driven by a twisted, pathological compulsion to undo virtually everything Donald Trump did while he was president. There is never any assessment of whether the Trump policy in question was good for the country. If Trump did it, it needs to be undone. As we’ve seen more than once, these idiots don’t stick to any international agreements that Trump had in place.

What this administration has really succeeded in undoing is America’s credibility on the world stage. In seven months.

Joe Biden is too absent to care about his legacy. As I wrote last Friday, Doctor Mama Jill and some special interests are pulling the alleged president’s strings. They’re all motivated by spite. The good of the people hasn’t crossed one mind in this administration. Throw in the fact that none of them seem to be particularly adept at what they do and we’re staring down the maw of a beast that could swallow up all of our freedom.

I don’t think it will though. Sadly, we’re going to be staring for a while longer.

That’s going to be dark and difficult.

Kinda smelly too.

My New Thing
I’ve decided to do a weekly column called “The Worst of Times.” I’m going to mercilessly rip on a handful of hot takes from the Opinion section of The New York Times, hence the title. I’ll also do one a week from the challenged brain trust at The Washington Post. As I mention in this first installment, it’s a bit like a written version of my old Kruiser Control show on PJTV, but I’ll be mocking print media rather than the television hacks. Enjoy.

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Everything Isn’t Awful

So very 21st century. Weird but nice.

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