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The Chicago Bears Are Now Leaving Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago Over Rampant Crime

Crime has gotten so bad in the city of Chicago, that the Chicago Bears are talking about moving to the suburbs.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot is trying to keep the move from happening by enticing the team with upgrades to their stadium, but so far it’s not working.

At what point will the people of Chicago reach their breaking point?

The Bears Can’t Even Be Bribed To Stay In Crime-Ridden Chicago

The Chicago Bears have rejected Mayor Lightfoot’s billion-dollar offer to improve their home stadium and are determined to relocate to a calmer, less crime-ridden area, the City of Chicago announced in a Tuesday press release.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot offered an incentive with a value of up to $2.2 billion in renovations to the Soldier Field stadium in hopes of convincing the Bears to stay in the city, according to the release.

The upgrades included installing structures in both end-zones that support an enclosed domed roof over the stadium, adding additional seating to accommodate an extra 8,500 fans and quadrupling the venue’s food and beverage square footage.

The Bears dismissed Lightfoot’s upgrades to Soldier Field and made it clear that the only location for their new home turf would be in the city’s calmer suburbs, the team said in a statement reported by the Daily Herald.

Lori Lightfoot is a horrible mayor and this will be part of her legacy.

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