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The Buttigieg Campaign Pays Women More Than Men, Buttigieg Press Secretary Says

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg’s traveling press secretary confirmed Tuesday that the Buttigieg campaign pays women more than men.

Traveling press secretary Nina Smith spoke Tuesday at the POLITICO Women Rule Summit about gender inequality and pay gaps. Smith said women in the Buttigieg campaign are paid $1.11 to every $1.00 men are paid.

The campaign’s move to pay women this much was “very, very intentional,” Smith said.

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“Our campaign is made up of 53% women,” she said. “Again, a lot of women running a lot of departments. Having that leadership, I think, also helps when it comes to ensuring that the campaign is oriented in the right way.”

“The pay, yes, is very intentional,” she added. “We watch those pieces and, you know, we’re constantly keeping track to make sure that we are ending the equal pay gap in our campaign and showing how an administration would be run. A lot of our plans are oriented that way. And the way our campaign is run is also  an example of how that would show up in a Buttigieg administration.”

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