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The Bad Ship Kamala Continues to Crash Upon the Shore

Kamala Harris was sent to Europe two weeks ago in the place of Joe Biden. While Biden would doubtless have had all kinds of problems had he gone, Harris had her own issues and things did not go well. She was chastised for cackling when asked about how the U.S. was going to be dealing with Ukrainian refugees. She also seemed confused about where she was, saying “northern” rather than “eastern flank.” She was busted on it by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s former press secretary who later deleted her tweet.

But perhaps most potentially problematic of all was her statement at the DNC convention where she erroneously implied that Ukraine was part of NATO. The White House tried to clean that one up, adding a word into the transcript that she didn’t say to make it look better. Her Twitter account also repeated the mistake three days later and then deleted the tweet. They blamed the DNC who they said was running her personal account, which raises another question of why the DNC is running her account and how they could be so ignorant as just to re-post her error.

After her foreign policy mistakes, now her National Security Adviser Nancy McEldowney is heading for the door, the 10th staffer now to throw Kamala Harris over. She’s advised Harris and Biden on things like Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, and cybersecurity — the Biden-Harris team has messed up on most of those issues.

McEldowney said that she is stepping down to ‘focus on some pressing personal matters’ but will remain an impassioned supporter of the Biden Harris administration.

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‘This was a difficult decision because I am so deeply committed to the work we do and the crucial national interest we serve. But after more than a year, this is the right decision for my family,’ she said.

McEldowney was in the Foreign Service for 31 years so she certainly knows that Ukraine isn’t part of NATO.

The reports are that Kamala is a bully, which may explain why she has such trouble holding onto staff and why, after a little over a year, so many have beat it out of there. The problem, though, is that you can replace all the staff you want, but you still have the same problem which ultimately isn’t the staff — it’s Kamala.

And her poll numbers remain mired below 40 percent. A Real Clear Politics rolling average shows 38.6 percent of respondents give her a favorable rating, while 53.7 percent have an unfavorable view of the vice president.

You can only do so much to keep a sinking ship afloat and that’s basically what she is right now.

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