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Stunned Karine Jean-Pierre Laughs off CNN Question About Biden’s Stamina and Mental Acuity

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is either clueless or an excellent actor.

During an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Monday, as reported by Fox News, KJP seemed startled when the liberal host broached the issue — the issue Republicans have raised since the 2020 presidential campaign, and now the issue that even Democrats are fretting about. Out loud.

Yep, CNN’s Don Lemon, of all people, went there:

Does the president have the stamina, physically and mentally, do you think to continue on even after 2024?

Of course not, but let’s not run him off too soon. Anyway, KJP appeared to be genuinely surprised by Lemon’s question.

Don, you’re asking me this question. Oh my gosh. He’s the president of the United States. I can’t even keep up with him! We just got back from New Mexico; we just got back from California. That is not a question that we should be even asking.

The scary part is I’m sure she’s been programmed to believe every word she says.

Then it got even better, as Biden’s new press secretary managed to make even Jen Psaki look like Dana Perino under George W. Bush.

Just look at the work he does. And look how he’s delivering for the American public. Look, that article that we’re talking about is heresay; it’s fallacious; that’s not what we care about.

We care about how we are going to deliver for the American people. How we’re going to make their lives better. That’s what the president talks about. That is his focus. And that’s where [sic]we’re going to continue to focus on.

Wait — wut?

What work has Biden done since his first day in office? And the silliness about delivering for the American people? How about delivering to the American people, Ms. Jean-Pierre, right up the — oh, never mind.

Let’s revisit a few highlights of your in-over-his-head, totally-controlled-by-leftist-handlers boss’s deliverables, shall we?

Biden Border Crisis

As Biden promised throughout the 2020 presidential campaign, he all but installed northbound-only people movers along the Southern Border and hired welcoming mariachi bands to greet the steady flow of illegal immigrants streaming into America, which he then began to ship all over the country — he still does — many in the dead of night. As I write, the largest surge yet — estimated to reach about 15,000 by the time it arrives — continues its march north through Mexico. And what’s Biden’s answer? Handing even more billions of dollars of “investments” to the corrupt governments of Central America.

Biden Oil Crisis

Biden on day one killed the Keystone XL Pipeline Project permit, immediately sending thousands of union workers to the unemployment lines. He continues to threaten to kill others. And now? He’s going to the Middle East, hat-in-hand, begging the Saudis for oil — after purposely destroying America’s energy independence. Oh — wait. EVs. Green energy. Snap up a $60K electric car and all will be right, again.

Biden Afghanistan Debacle

In addition to betraying America’s closest NATO allies, Biden jerked the remaining U.S. Forces out of Afghanistan, literally abandoning without warning the strategic Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night. And the really unconscionable part? Biden left untold numbers of Americans behind — trapped and at the mercy of the most brutal terrorist organization on the planet.

Biden Supply Chain Crisis

From mismanaging the COVID “pandemic,” principally with month after month of draconian mandates and lockdowns, to crushing small businesses, Biden exacerbated a supply chain problem the same way he caused or made worse every other crisis — on purpose.


Where to begin? Bidenomics proved to be an utter disaster less than six months into the Biden presidency.


Biden Gas Price Hikes

One word: Skyrocketing. One lie: Profiteering.

Federal Reserve economists in May destroyed Biden’s ridiculous excuse of “oil company profiteering” for skyrocketing gas prices. Hey, no problem — then it was Putin’s gas price hikes. Yet, Biden then tells us that out-of-control gas prices are a necessary part of an “incredible transition” to the magical world of “green energy” — which will no doubt be ruled in perpetuity by Empress Alexandria.

The bottom line:

But, hey — at least it’s not all bad, right?

After all, Biden blames half of America for “systemic racism,” drones on about “white supremacy,” wants to take away “assault rifles,” 9mm pistols, and other “weapons of war” from law-abiding gun owners, and supports on-demand abortion, right up until birth. Must be Joe’s “devout Catholic” part, huh?

Yep, Joe Biden has delivered one hell of a lot “for” the American public. But the one thing I “admire” most about the addled old guy? He never met a buck he didn’t desperately try to pass.

Story cited here.

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