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Steelworkers Union Projects Giant Biden-Harris Logo on Trump Tower Chicago

The United Steelworkers union aimed its “bat light” displaying former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign logo at Trump Tower Chicago on Saturday.

In photos taken Saturday evening, the Biden-Harris campaign logo was seen blazing across the skyscraper just above President Trump’s own name.

The steelworkers union, which endorsed Biden’s candidacy in May, has projected the “bat light” onto some of Chicago’s major landmarks in recent weeks, including Wrigley Field and the Chicago Theatre, according to photos on social media.

“Joe Biden might do well with union executives but President Trump is winning union households,” said Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, when emailed for comment by The Hill.

“It’s why Biden felt the need to lie about the Boilermakers endorsing him when they haven’t, while the Boilermakers Local 154 – the largest Boilermakers local in the country – have actually endorsed the President,” he added. “Union workers know President Trump has fought for them and they also know that Biden’s policies and proposals are a disaster for workers.”

The former vice president released a plan last year for expanding union power in the U.S. that called for, among other things, the installation of a Cabinet-level position aimed at expanding union representation and collective bargaining rights for workers across the country.

Biden’s plan would also eliminate noncompete clauses and strengthen legislation penalizing companies for working against unionization efforts.

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