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‘Shout Sisters’: Feminists Meet in Parks to Scream Together, Rage Against Patriarchy

This is what Western female empowerment has devolved into, via The Guardian:

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Gretchen Miller felt the frustration of the past three years rise up within her. On a whim the 54-year-old from Sydney posted a message to her local community Facebook group. ‘Does anyone else feel like screaming?’ she asked.

From that callout, the Shout Sisters group was formed. A month later they met for the first time at an inner city park to bellow their frustrations into the Australian night.

In recent months, women-only ‘scream groups’ like Miller’s have cropped up all over the world. Frustration, pandemic exhaustion and the pressures of life are common reasons women say they take part. Most are drawn to the idea of unleashing their anger without inhibition. It’s a freedom participants say is hard to find in a world that can be uncomfortable with women’s rage. [emphasis added]

Obviously, the reason anyone would feel uncomfortable about a band of banshees screeching in unison at a public park would be deeply rooted misogynistic hatred of “women’s rage.” Such is the oppressive nature of the Patriarchy™.

The piece continues:

“Women want to scream,” Miller explains. “There are plenty of spaces for men to yell [but] we don’t often get to raise our voices [and] when we do we’re met with disapproval.”

Yes, of course: a gang of men gathering to howl at the moon for a ritual exorcism of demons would be greeted with total approval by society. The only objection to women’s scream groups is that they’re women.

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Also, do we really have a shortage of unhinged liberal women having emotional meltdowns in public for the cause of feminism? Somehow I feel like we’ve seen this movie — over and over and over for the last six-plus years.

The meeting-in-the-town-square-to-caterwaul trend squares with scientific polling that indicates liberal women to be the most mentally unbalanced demographic group in American society.

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