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Shooting Outside Nationals Game Causes Chaos Inside Stadium

A shooting outside the Nationals-Padres game in Washington, DC, led to a chaotic situation inside the ballpark as fans and players scrambled for cover.

Gunfire could be heard inside the stadium as stadium announcers cautioned fans to remain in the stadium:

According to the Nationals, the shooting occurred outside the Third Base gate:

Fans quickly took cover as the chaotic scene unfolded:

The game was suspended with the Padres leading 8-4 in the 6th inning:

According to Fox 5 in DC, two victims were found shot outside the stadium, with two others seeking treatment at a local hospital.

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According to the Associated Press:

Two people were shot, said Dustin Sternbeck, a Metropolitan Police Department spokesman. Investigators believe, based on preliminary information, that one of the victims was an employee at the stadium, he said.

Washington police later tweeted that ‘two additional victims associated with this incident walked into area hospitals for treatment of gunshot wounds.’

It is unknown if the shooter has been apprehended.

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