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Sexually Explicit Performance In Front Of Children At ‘Family Friendly’ Texas Drag Show

Blaze TV host Sara Gonzales posted video of a “family-friendly” drag bingo event in Princeton, Texas on Saturday that featured a bearded drag queen giving a toast “those who lick us where we pee” with children watching and later the youngsters picked up another performer’s tip money.

In a clip posted to Twitter the drag queen says, “Now, I’m gonna do a quick little cheers, that I normally do. I mean, I know there’s little babies here but, close your ears, this is just a tradition that all shows normally do. So raise your glasses. Cheers to you. Cheers to me. Cheers to the ones who lick us where we pee.”

Later in the video, children appear to pick up a different drag queen’s tip money after a performance and the drag queen MCing the event can be heard saying, “And thank you to our little helpers running up here picking up her money. That right there is our future guys.”

The clip was shared by Libs of Tik Tok and independent journalist Tayler Hansen who wrote, “What is up with Drag Queens making toasts to ‘those who lick us where we pee’ in front of children? This happened at the BuzzBrews “All Ages” show as well.”

The show at BuzzBrews was attended by Dallas lawmakers and was guarded by armed Antifa.

Antifa also guarded the event in Princeton, which was held in a community center that was formerly the First United Methodist Church.

“Current scene outside the First United Methodist Church in Princeton, TX where armed ANTIFA are standing guard outside. A Drag Bingo event that is allegedly allowing children is set to take place,” Hansen tweeted, later adding, “Correction: Apparently the venue was a former church, it has since been bought by the city and is considered a community center.”

According to the Facebook invite for the event it was titled Beauty and the Bingo.

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