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Sen. Rand Paul to Newsmax TV: Fauci ‘Finally’ Accepting Science

After a famously contentious exchanges during Senate hearings with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., notes Fauci is now finally following the science Paul had already tried to explain to the U.S.’s highest-paid government official.

“I’m just glad that Dr. Fauci has now chosen to accept vaccine science – basic vaccine science says you can’t get it after you’ve been vaccinated; that’s why we get vaccinated,” Paul, an ophthalmologist, told Tuesday’s “Spicer & Co” on Newsmax TV.

Paul was shown clips of Fauci’s own words then, striking back at Paul’s claim of masks as “theater,” but also a clip of Fauci now admitting a vaccinated person does not need to wear a mask after all.

“And yet he was unwilling to accept it, and he was performing theater, wearing masks because he didn’t want people to see him without a mask,” Paul told host Sean Spicer. “It wasn’t the masks worked or that he needed it. You heard the way he phrased it. He didn’t want someone to see him without the mask. So, really, it was theater.”

Fauci’s disinformation on COVID-19 science, masks, protocols, and immunity are actually causing great vaccine hesitancy because of political hypocrisy, according to Paul.

“If we send them a signal that they’re just making up this science and they’re treating us like imbeciles, and they’re doing things for show, it actually discourages some of the people who are hesitant to get vaccinated,” Paul said.

Getting vaccinated is very important, but not mandatory, Paul added.

“I think high-risk people should, voluntarily; I wouldn’t tell anybody they had to,” he told co-host Lyndsay Keith.

“We need to really not treat this as a one-size fits all. This really should be individualized, and that’s way healthcare should be in a free society.”

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Notably, hospitals will only recognize the N-95 style face mask as trustworthy, lending credence to Paul’s claim of false information from Fauci on the science of wearing a face mask, if not multiple masks.

“The hospital won’t let you in a COVID patient’s room without an N-95 mask, because it’s the only one that works,” Paul said. “So, all the other masks were theater.”

As for another hot-button health topic, the Supreme Court taking up the Mississippi state law on potentially banning abortions after 15 weeks, Paul noted Congress has real scientific information to weigh in on finally codifying when life begins in the long-raging, pro-choice versus pro-life debate.

“I think Congress should define when life begins,” Paul said, noting doctors give babies under 20 weeks in the womb anesthesia for surgical procedures because those fetuses feel pain. “We’ve had several bills that have come forward talking about when the baby feels pain.”

“I think we’re winning in a way and, ultimately, we’re going to save lives if we keep it up,” he concluded.

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