Schiff: Dems Wanted ‘Whistleblower’ to Testify Until Trump Put ‘Life in Danger’

On Sunday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said House Democrats wanted the so-called whistleblower to testify until President Donald Trump’s comments.

Schiff said, “We had a deep interest in having the whistleblower testify until two things happened. One, we were able to prove everything in the whistleblower complaint with witnesses that had first-hand information.”

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He continued, “Second, the president and his allies effectively put the whistleblower’s life in danger. The president said the whistleblower and others should be treated as a traitor or a spy, and we ought to use the penally we used to use for traitors and spies, and that is the death penalty.”

He added, “We don’t need the whistleblower’s secondhand evidence anymore. It would only serve to endanger this person and gratify the president’s desire for retribution. That is not a good enough will-be reason to bring in the whistleblower.”

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