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Salon Comes Out in Defense of Groomers, Because of Course They Do

Groomers and others who prey on children were once so universally despised that convicted murderers and rapists stood above them in the prison pecking order. In fact, they still are. You have to go to the pages of progressive publications to find anyone who will stand up for groomers, and Salon is no exception.

“When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis began banning books from public schools throughout his state,” the magazine’s Matthew Rozsa wrote on Monday, “he justified his actions by claiming that he was protecting children from dangerous material.”

My first question was, “Which books were banned?” I followed Salon’s own links from Rozsa’s piece to three different stories, and while each report had dire warnings about efforts “to turn Florida students into a bunch of unthinking right-wing robots” and the like, I couldn’t find a list of banned books.

Certain math books were removed from Florida’s curriculum, not because DeSantis is against math, but because those books taught Critical Race Theory (postmodern racism under the guise of anti-racism) on top of — or instead of? — actual math. But that’s as close as Salon got to mentioning any specific books while glossing over the issue of CRT.

But today’s topic is groomers and pedophiles and the “moral panic” that is “manipulating the right-wing mind,” according to Salon.

Below is one of the less explicit samples I came across from the book Gender Queer, currently found in school libraries across the nation.

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This is the kind of grooming that Salon is happy to gloss over as an “outlandish conspiracy theory regarding grooming.”

Now here is one of the less explicit photos I came across from one of the various “family-friendly” drag shows occurring around the nation.

You can trust me when I tell you that it gets much worse from here, or you can do your own Twitter searches and then wish that you’d just trusted me, instead.

I have decided to spare you some of the other things I’ve found researching this column and others. But if I could please go the rest of my life without seeing another photo of a 15-year-old girl displaying her double mastectomy scars, gained in pursuit of trendy gender dysphoria conformity, that would nice.

Allow me to repeat what many others have already said: Conservatives never had a problem with drag shows until some performers insisted on performing in front of children.

I can answer that question with one word: Grooming.

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It’s impossible to say with 100% certainty why the Left has glommed onto groomers and pedophiles — excuse me, that’s “minor-attracted persons.”

One theory has it that they’re using queerness (which I define as “weaponized sexuality,” but let’s stick a pin in that for another day) to destroy the nuclear family. That’s long been a goal of statists everywhere, since strong families and organized religion are two of the strongest bulwarks against statism.

Another theory posits that there’s a solid reason for the Left to conflate the mental issue of gender dysphoria with the unrelated issue of just leaving gays alone to live their lives. The reason is that by elevating a mental health issue to the status of an individual rights issue, you conflate and destroy the very notion of individual rights.

That brings us to the how, even if we can’t be entirely sure about the why. Here’s the revealing line from Rozha’s piece:

DeSantis and his peers on the right have latched on to an outlandish conspiracy theory regarding grooming — one that links pedophilia to LGBTQ rights — speaks to the political power of this narrative, which is compelling and motivating to a huge number of voters.

And there it is: the rhetorical sleight-of-hand that allows vile pedophiles and people suffering from the mental condition known as gender dysphoria (and those troubled teens who just believe they do) to comingle their issues with the gay community’s.

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But growing numbers of gays aren’t having it.

The Left has been so successful at blurring the very real line between LGB and QT that the first real opposition arose on the Left, not the Right. TERFs — trans-exclusionary radical feminists — have been around since 2008 when lesbians noticed that the radical Left expected them to be attracted to men parading as women.

As actual lesbians and genuine feminists, they were having none of that — “that” in this case meaning actual penises or mock vaginas.

TERFs and conservatives make odd bedfellows (I really should have chosen a different word!) and yet here we are. Because what was radical 15 years ago is mainstream Leftism today.

Then there are groups like Gays Against Groomers, founded because the Q and the T are doing serious damage to hard-won cultural and political gains made by the L and the G and B, who are righteously outraged at what abuses the Left has been committing in their name.

So while it might be impossible to know the precise reason that Salon writers are defending groomers, it’s also impossible not to come to this conclusion: they’re horrible people for doing so. Gays and straights on the Left and the Right can all agree.

Story cited here.

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