Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized with Fever

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was hospitalized on Friday evening after coming down with the chills and a fever, the high court announced Saturday.

“Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, last night after experiencing chills and fever earlier in the day. She was initially evaluated at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington, D.C. before being transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital for further evaluation and treatment of any possible infection,” Supreme Court spokeswoman Kathleen Arberg said in a statement. “With intravenous antibiotics and fluids, her symptoms have abated and she expects to be released from the hospital as early as Sunday morning.”

Earlier November, a stomach bug forced the 86-year-old to miss arguments. She returned for a public meeting on November 18th.

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Ginsburg — often referred to as the “notorious RBG” in liberal circles — has experienced several health issues in recent years. The justice broke three of her ribs in a fall last November and underwent surgery for cancer on her lung in December 2018. She received radiation treatment for pancreatic cancer in August.

Ginsburg also survived colorectal cancer in 1999 and pancreatic cancer in 2009.

Despite ongoing speculation of her retirement, the justice signaled in August that she has no plans to step down from the bench.

She was appointed by then-President Jimmy Carter to the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1980 and appointed to the Supreme Court by then-President Clinton in 1993.

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