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Rosanna Arquette Rages: ‘Women will Vote All You Corrupt Misogynistic Pigs Out of Office’

Actress and political activist Rosanna Arquette derided unspecified politicians as “corrupt misogynistic pigs” in enraged social media screed, while demanding they keep their “filthy evil hand off our vaginas.”

“Women will vote all you corrupt misogynistic pigs out of office. Keep your filthy evil hands off our vaginas. we out number you, you will not win,” Rosanna Arquette fumed.

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In another weekend rant, Arquette railed against Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), declaring the Russia investigation is not over for “corrupt liars” like him.

“Oh It’s not over till it’s over .you are all corrupt liars ,how can you sleep at night when you are selling our democracy down the toilet ?you will be voted out. the rule of law ,is the rule of law. Women will vote all misogynistic cruel fascist men out ,once and for all,” the Pulp Fiction star said.

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Arquette’s twitter feed features left-wing themes referencing “white supremacy capitalism,” disparagement of “old conservative racist white men,” and support of the Black Lives Matter and Me Too campaigns. “Women will vote you out” appears to be a know political theme of hers, aimed at Republican lawmakers.

Last month Arquette claimed that she feels “terrorized […] living under a fascist regime.”

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