RNC launches fact-checking website ahead of Biden’s expected reelection announcement

The Republican National Committee is launching a website to fact check Joe Biden in real-time as the president is expected to make his bid for re-election this week.

EXCLUSIVE: With President Biden widely anticipated to announce his bid for reelection, the Republican National Committee is launching a website dedicated to fact-checking the president in real time. 

The RNC says it aims to make “factcheckbiden.com,” the president’s “least favorite website.”

“Not only has Biden created crisis after crisis, he lies about the damage that he’s done to our country. Whether it’s claiming that the border is secure, that our economy is strong, or that the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan was a success, Biden and his administration refuse to acknowledge the truth,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said in a statement. 

“The RNC will continue to hold Biden accountable for his lies, and on November 2024, the American people will too.” 


The website, which launches Monday, is an extended arm of RNC Research and Rapid Response. The RNC says Fact Check Biden will share fact checks with the press and public “as Biden lies.” 

“Fact Check Biden will be integral in holding Biden accountable during his public remarks, both campaign and official events,” the RNC said in a statement. 

Biden, 80, is widely expected to make his bid for a second term as president this week. The president and his team are hoping to make the announcement via a campaign video on Tuesday – which would mark the fourth anniversary of his 2020 campaign launch. 

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Speculation has swirled for months over whether Biden would run for re-election, with his team only saying he “intends to run,” but not making any other statements in the affirmative. 

He said last week, however, that an announcement about his potential candidacy would come “relatively soon.” 

Fox News’ Brandon Gillespie contributed to this report. 

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