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Racist Democrats Throw White Women Under the Bus

Happy Thursday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Yoga pants are still pants, and therefore, evil.

Here on the right, we are still celebrating the off-year election results because they’re good signs pointing to how we’ll do in next year’s midterm elections.

We can not only take comfort in the Republican victories, but we can also thoroughly enjoy the way the leftist narrative machine is flailing. Seriously, it’s fun to watch. I’m canceling most of my streaming subscriptions now.

Rather than learn from their drooling moron presidential mistake, Democrats and their flying monkeys in the mainstream media have decided to create a new bogeyman: white women.

Wait, “bogeywomen”?

Seriously though, the very demographic they were championing a year ago is now the devil.


Taking leadership pointers from Stalin himself, the pinkos are doing what they always do when they get disemboweled on election day: Blaming someone else for not doing a good enough job themselves.

Usually, the bolshies point their gluten-free fingers at “uneducated white men” when their woke talking points chase people toward the red lever, but, apparently, Tuesday was Ladies’ Night.

Leftist haters are blaming “racist” white women in Virginia and their distaste for all things woke for the collapse of their clownish agenda. This is especially amusing when you note that Biden won Virginia by 10 points over Trump, which means many women who voted for Youngkin likely voted for Biden one year ago.


Or not.

The leftist penchant for creating new monsters under the bed every time they fail is going to be their undoing. All that those of us on the sane side of the political aisle need to do is sit back and let them have at it.

This is a stretch even for these idiots, which is why we should just let the morons run with it rather than refute it. If your attacker is determined to repeatedly shoot himself in the foot and can’t seem to aim anywhere else, let him keep on firing.

The 21st-century progressive Democrats are willing to point their ideological death cannons at anyone, even some of their own. Again, it’s a never-ending joy to watch them tear each other apart.

Next up: they hate apple pie.

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