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Proposed California Bill Would Allow Kids 12+ To Be Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

A proposed California bill would allow children ages 12 and above to be vaccinated without parental consent.

California Democratic State Sen. Scott Wiener introduced the bill late Thursday in Sacramento.

“Giving young people the autonomy to receive life-saving vaccines, regardless of their parents’ beliefs or work schedules, is essential for their physical and mental health,” Wiener said, according to an Associated Press report.

“It’s unconscionable for teens to be blocked from the vaccine because a parent either refuses or cannot take their child to a vaccination site,” he added.

Wiener, whose district includes San Francisco and parts of San Mateo County, also announced the new legislation’s introduction on Twitter Friday.

“I introduced new legislation (#SB866) to lower the vaccine age of consent from 18 to 12. Unvaccinated teens are at risk, put others at risk & make schools less safe. They often can’t work, participate in sports, or go to friends’ homes. Let’s let teens protect their health,” he wrote.

Wiener also noted that state law already allows 12-17 years olds to “access various forms of healthcare without parental consent, eg: HPV & hep B vaccines, abortion care, birth control, mental healthcare, domestic violence-related care.”

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“[Nearly 1 million] 12-17 year olds in CA aren’t vaccinated for COVID. Many want to get vaccinated but parents won’t let them or aren’t making the time to take them. Teens shouldn’t have to rely on parents’ views & availability to protect themselves from a deadly virus,” Wiener said in another post.

“SB 866 builds on this existing law to expand vaccine access,” he added. “SB 866 allows 12-17 year olds to consent to any vaccine approved or granted emergency use authorization by the FDA & recommended by the CDC. As with anyone else, they’ll have to be clinically eligible for a particular vaccine.”

Wiener argued that teenagers should not have to “scheme” with parents to get a vaccine, referring to a Pennsylvania case.

“Teens shouldn’t have to plot, scheme or fight with their parents to get a vaccine. They should simply be able to walk in & get vaccinated like anyone else,” he wrote.

Wiener further noted the co-authors of the state bill, along with expressing thanks to the bill’s sponsoring organizations.

“SB 866 is expected to have its first committee hearing by March or April,” Politico reported.

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“Additional legislation is expected from other members of the vaccine caucus. This could include consumer mandates and requirements for workplace safety, as well as measures to eliminate the personal belief exemption at schools for Covid vaccinations,” the report added.

The Daily Wire previously reported on California’s plans to require vaccination for all eligible students:

Story cited here.

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