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‘Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives’

The New York Times has launched a full-court press on behalf of the abortion industry with an op-ed titled: “Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.”

Written by Warren M. Hern, who specializes in performing late-term abortions, the article asserts that every pregnancy poses a “serious health risk” to the mother.

“Pregnancy always comes with some irreducible risk of death,” Dr. Hern warns, whereas “abortion can be lifesaving.”

In his essay, Dr. Hern is reacting to the new Alabama law that significantly limits abortions in that state, suggesting that what legislators are restricting is a lifesaving procedure.

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“Alabama’s new law claims that it does not prohibit abortion if there is a ‘reasonable medical judgment’ that the pregnancy poses a ‘serious health risk’ to the woman,” Hern notes. “But pregnancy itself poses a ‘serious health risk’ — including the risk of dying and losing all bodily functions.”

“A woman’s life and health are at risk from the moment that a pregnancy exists in her body, whether she wants to be pregnant or not,” he states.

For a medical professional Hern’s language is remarkable imprecise and even misleading. A pregnancy does not “exist” in a woman’s body, a baby does. Pregnancy describes the state of carrying a child in one’s womb.

While Dr. Hern notes that “black women are more likely to die from pregnancy in Alabama than white women,” he fails to mention that black women are also much more likely to abort their children. Nationwide, black babies are three times more likely to be aborted than white babies and organizations like abortion giant Planned Parenthood intentionally target black neighborhoods for their clinics.

What Dr. Hern knows but does not say is that while pregnancies are rarely fatal, abortions always are. As a practitioner of late-term abortions he has seen babies literally ripped apart.

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In a late-term abortion, the abortionist will typically pierce the baby’s skull, insert a catheter into the wound, remove the brain with suction, causing the skull to collapse, remove the baby through the birth canal, and scrape any remaining fetal tissue from the womb.

Dr. Hern wishes to describe this practice as life-saving. What is actually is, is an act of barbarism.

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