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Pelosi Suggests Gassing the White House If Trump Doesn’t Leave In 2021

If President Donald Trump loses the election in November, he’s going to leave the White House without incident.

Secret Service agents won’t have to drag him out, kicking and screaming, like a drunk and disorderly suspect on an episode of  “Cops.” It won’t be like a B-movie where Gerard Butler has to take down a heavily armed Mike Pompeo with just a fork and his superhuman Krav Maga abilities. You’re not going to see Kellyanne Conway manning a makeshift parapet on the perimeter of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

I’m thoroughly confused about where this fever dream came from. Trump, from time to time, consternates reporters who consistently feel the need to ask whether he’ll accept the results of the election. This is considered heresy, which is rich given that, as I write this, we’re on day 1,351 of the left-wing establishment not accepting the results of the 2016 election.