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New Captain Marvel Movie Is Getting Flooded With Negative Reviews On Rotten Tomatoes.

Captain Marvel is set to go higher, further, faster when her solo flick soars into cinemas on March 8 — but a swarm of internet trolls are bent on bringing her down before her silver-screen debut.

Dozens of registered users on Rotten Tomatoes have begun flooding Captain Marvel with negative reviews, lodging hateful comments in the audience reactions tab.

The majority of the unpleasant reviews focus on lead actress Brie Larson, with many making misogynistic remarks about Larson’s outspokenness as a feminist and an advocate for inclusiveness in Hollywood. In the same vein, other nasty reviews that don’t vilify Larson personally disparage Captain Marvel as a whole; a sizable portion of people out there believe that the film highlighting feminism and a girl power message somehow undermines the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“Larson has made it clear… men need not attend this movie,” one user named Joseph U. wrote, while another identified as David S. argued that Larson “doesn’t want” white males to see Captain Marvel.

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