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Nearly 80 Percent Of Americans Believe US Is In ‘State Of Decay’

A recent poll has found that around three out of four Americans, regardless of political party, believe that United States society and culture are declining.

A poll from the Trafalgar Group and Convention of States Action published on Thursday revealed that 76.8 percent of Americans, regardless of political party affiliation, believe that “American society and culture is in a state of decay.”

Just 9.8 percent of respondents said that the country is in a “state of progress,” while 13.4 percent said that they were “unsure” about the state of the country.

When viewed by political party affiliation, all parties had a majority that said the country is in a state of decline. 61 percent of Democrats, 85.9 percent of Republicans, and 81.8 percent of those identifying as no party or “other” said American society and culture are in decline.

The poll surveyed 1,076 likely general election voters between Dec. 17 and Dec. 21.

This poll comes as certain aspects of President Joe Biden’s poll numbers have slipped behind former President Donald Trump’s.

Following a recent bout of polls being added to the polling aggregate website, Biden’s RealClearPolitics average for his favorability rating stands at 42. Trump’s favorability average is close, standing at 41.8.

On the other hand, in net unfavorable ratings, Trump stands at 51.7, with Biden jumping to 52.6, marking what is reportedly the first time that the former president has had a better unfavorable rating than the current president.

“I honestly never thought I’d see the day when Joe Biden would have a lower net favorable rating than Donald Trump,” wrote co-founder and president of RealClearPolitics.

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Biden’s first year in office was marked with a number of blunders, including record high levels of illegal immigration across the southern border, a chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and economic troubles with supply chains and inflation.

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