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Narrative Destroyed on Voter Fraud

Democrats have spent almost two years trying to sell the American public on the fantastical idea that the 2020 United States presidential election was one of the cleanest, most above-board elections in history. Along with their flying monkeys in the mainstream media, they’ve been employing their standard, “Move along…nothing to see here…” strategy.

It would appear that many people will not move along.


Concerns about election cheating remain high, and a majority of voters favor the procedure by which Arizona “audited” disputed 2020 presidential election results in Maricopa County.

A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and The National Pulse finds that 56% of Likely U.S. voters believe every state should require that ballots be available immediately after elections for bipartisan voter reviews to enhance election confidence and transparency. Only 23% are against ballot reviews, while another 21% are not sure. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The Arizona Democratic Party filed a lawsuit in a failed effort to prevent the audit of 2020 ballots in Maricopa County. Auditors found nearly 50,000 ballots deemed “questionable.” although the recount did not overturn President Joe Biden’s narrow victory in Arizona over former President Donald Trump.

The key thing to note here is that the Democrats went to court to prevent an audit. Why all of the trepidation? These are the same people who are busy telling Americans this week that they shouldn’t fear IRS audits if they don’t have anything to hide.

Using their own logic, what’s to fear?

It takes forever to count votes anyway these days, especially with the vote-by-mail fix in, so there shouldn’t be any harm from having extra pairs of eyes from both sides of the aisle involved in the process.

The poll also finds that “Eighty percent (80%) of likely voters believe the issue of election integrity will be important in this year’s congressional elections,” which shows how completely they’ve failed at convincing the American people that our elections are shenanigans-free.

It is impossible to oversell just how hard the Dems and the MSM have been working in concert to sell the squeaky-clean elections canard. They immediately coined the phrase “The Big Lie” and, because they’re a hive mind, all use it when referring to anyone who questions what went on in 2020. They don’t apply it only to those who state outright that the election was stolen but to anyone who has any questions at all. It’s designed to shut down all debate and legitimate curiosity about the process.

You know, like going to court to prevent transparency does.

Conservatives who are skeptical about 2020 are also routinely banned or suspended from social media as part of the Democrats’ Soviet Election Disinformation Initiative.

Even casual observation of what went on in several states after election day in 2020 was enough to raise a lot of questions. As I have written on many occasions, I’m one of those people who would prefer that there not be any questions. Or maybe let’s shoot for keeping the questions to a minimum. So much didn’t pass the smell test in 2020 that people should be skeptical.

Thankfully, it looks as if people are, despite the Democrats’ best heavy-handed efforts to dissuade them.

Story cited here.

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