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Nancy Pelosi Says We Need Illegal Immigrants To ‘Pick The Crops’

Nancy Pelosi tried to make an argument in favor of illegal immigrants this weekend and stuck her foor squarely into her mouth.

The speaker argued that farmers in red states like Florida need illegal immigrants to pick the crops.

it’s the sort of comment that would start a media feeding frenzy if a Republican had said it.

Pelosi says farmers need illegal immigrants ‘to pick the crops’ in Florida

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday said that farmers in Florida need illegal immigrants “to pick the crops” as she called for “comprehensive immigration reform” and said there was a shortage of workers in the U.S.

Pelosi was asked about whether the southern border is secure, and responded by saying that while “we have a responsibility to secure our border, we also have a responsibility to recognize the importance of newcomers to our nation.”

“Right now, the best thing that we can do for our economy is comprehensive immigration reform,” she said. Democratic proposals for such reform typically include sweeping amnesties for illegal immigrants already in the U.S.

Pelosi then pressed her economic argument and made reference to recent moves by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and other Republican governors to move illegal immigrants north to places like Martha’s Vineyard, New York City and Washington, D.C.

“We have a shortage of workers in our country, and you see even in Florida, some of the farmers and the growers saying, ‘Why are you shipping these immigrants up North? We need them to pick the crops down here,’” she said.

Here’s the video:

Can you even imagine the reaction if Trump had said this?

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