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MTG Demolishes AOC With a Little Reality in Twitter Throwdown

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is constantly playing the victim. We saw that with her take on the Jan. 6 riot, when she wasn’t even in the Capitol building but in her office and demonized a police officer who came to help her.

AOC was at it again during an appearance on CNN where she smeared Republicans for “stochastic terrorism” without evidence. She said she had to “constantly” ride around in 20,000-pound armored vehicles because of “some of the most gruesome threats that you can imagine that were incited by Republican members.”

Not only did she level a dastardly false smear against Republicans, but she also proved her inability when she claimed that the reason Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) had been kicked off the House Intelligence Committee was because of his “incisive ability to communicate.” This was pretty hilarious.

Has she checked what Swalwell just retweeted with his “incisive ability to communicate”? It’s hard to imagine anyone dumber than Eric Swalwell, although AOC does tend to rank up there. The last word anyone of any intelligence would be using to describe Swalwell would be “incisive” and no one is threatened by his ability (or lack thereof) to communicate, except maybe if that communication is with an alleged Chinese spy.

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AOC also specifically accused Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) of making anti-Semitic remarks in the past.

But Greene wasn’t going to let the smear of Republicans go by.

It’s good that someone finally said it — AOC is constantly behaving like a whiny 12-year-old girl, who thinks everything is all about her. But when you call her on it, she can’t support what she has to say. She needs to be called out for this smear.

While you see AOC going on about “threats” and blaming Republicans, she doesn’t seem to care about the threats being faced by people on the right, like the many times that MTG has been swatted, a very dangerous and concerning practice that some employ against their opponents or people they don’t like.

AOC tried to fire back at MTG, but it was a bit of a fail.

But never take on MTG, she’s a tough fighter and she doesn’t sit back. AOC just isn’t up to it. MTG decimated her in reply.

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She took on the left’s obsession with pushing drag queen story hour.

Then she moved on to the ridiculous “tree equity” that Democrats voted for.

Then Greene hit on the reckless spending of the Biden administration and the Democrats, while Americans are suffering deeply from Bidenflation.

That finished off AOC.

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