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MSNBC Is Either Purposefully Lying To Viewers Or Stupid

A quick math lesson: $500,000,000 divided by 327,000,000 is 1.529.

After New York Time’s editorial board member Mara Gay posted a tweet claiming “Bloomberg spent $500 million on ads. U.S. Population, 327 million. He could have given each American $1 million”, MSNBC picked up on it.
Multiple MSNBC anchors, including Brian William are unable to do basic 4th grade math and are now claiming that Michael Bloomberg could have given each American $1,000,000 instead of running his $500 million campaign for president. Anyone with a calculator and a basic understanding of math can see that Bloomberg could only give 500 Americans $1million each with what he spent on his campaign.
So the question is: Are MSNBC, MSNBC’s editors, Brian Williams, and NYTimes’s Mara Gay all just stupid? Or are they purposefully trying to mislead viewers into a “rich people are bad” way of thinking?

See the original tweet and MSNBC video below:

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