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MSNBC Grabs Random Dem Voter, Is Immediately Sorry

I imagine MSNBC didn’t see this one coming.

The network filled its airspace Tuesday largely with coverage of the Democratic primary contest in New Hampshire.

To an extent, this was understandable.

After all, it’s an open question who’s going to be the Democratic presidential nominee, and two candidates — Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, were seen as having realistic chances of winning the state.

In other words, there was suspense on the Democratic side, but not so much on the Republican side, where presumptive nominee President Donald Trump was expected to win in a landslide.

Still, judging from a clip of the network’s coverage Tuesday, it looks like MSNBC got so obsessed with the Democratic primary that it forgot Trump supporters are real people who, you know, vote.

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The chyron said it all: “Sanders Leads Polls as NH Voters Cast Ballots.”

MSNBC, you see, was very much focused on the Democratic primary, so much so that it sounded like one of the network’s anchors, reporting on the ground from New Hampshire, wrongly assumed a Trump voter was actually a Democrat.

But boy, did he flip the script on her.

“We have a voter out here,” the reporter said.

So far, so good.

“Sir, you were watching, so you’re going to be on television now. Can you tell us who you voted for?” she asked the man.

Now, she didn’t come right out and say this man was a Democrat.

But it seems safe to assume, as her follow-up question suggests, that she thought he was one.

“Donald John Trump,” the man said.

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“You voted for Donald John Trump,” she said. “Look at that. Bernie Sanders is not appealing to you?”

Of course, why bring up Sanders unless she expected a Sanders-related answer and was looking for a way to bring the Vermont democratic socialist into the conversation anyway?

“The whole ideology would be destructive to the country,” the Trump voter said, presumably referring to Sanders’ far-left proposals.

“It’s anti-growth. It’s anti-family. It’s anti-American. And, as a Roman Catholic, it’s anti-life,” he added.

Watch below:

All excellent points.

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And all points that MSNBC’s overwhelmingly liberal viewers would do well to heed.

In its excitement over the Democratic primary race, MSNBC appeared to forget about those pesky Trump voters.

One hopes they won’t make the same mistake again.

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