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Most Ridiculous Biden Take of the Day Involves CNN and Never Trumper

CNN is known for fake news. Who could ever forget the “fiery but peaceful protests” chyron they had to try to downplay the violence of the BLM riots?

But we have to hand it to them for being accurate when it came to what Joe Biden said during his big speech in Poland. His team heralded the remarks as a landmark speech and iconic, à la Ronald Reagan at the Berlin Wall.

Here’s what the liberal talking points were supposed to be — as the WaPo’s Jen Rubin and the liberal weasel Alexander Vindman confirm.

But instead, all the talk is about how, yet again, the White House has to clean up the mess after Biden says something wrong. Things blew up on Biden again because of his comment suggesting the U.S. wanted regime change against Vladimir Putin. That played right into Putin’s hands since Putin has been pushing this isn’t about him invading Ukraine but is in truth a war with the United States who are trying to do him in.

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We have to hand it to CNN — this time they were brutally accurate about what Biden said and put in their chyron, “Biden: Putin cannot remain in power.” Biden said “For god’s sake, this man this man cannot remain in power,” but he was referring to Putin. So for once, we can say CNN was right on the money.

But that upset Never Trumper Tom Nichols, who had possibly the most ridiculous take of the day. Although to be fair, there were so many bad Never Trump/liberal takes, that’s a tough call.

“This is irresponsible,” Nichols said. “This chyron makes it seem like this is somehow a war aim.”

So it’s irresponsible to quote Biden now. That’s where we’re at with the effort to carry water for Biden’s mistakes. No, Tom, it isn’t CNN who is being irresponsible here, it’s Joe Biden and frankly, the people like you who helped to put such a compromised person in the office, not caring about how it opened the door to the radical left to push their agenda and not caring how badly Biden might harm America with the incompetence that he’s shown throughout his entire life. Tom’s mad that — for once — CNN didn’t clean it up or spin it for Biden (at least not in this instance). That’s the real problem, according to Tom, that CNN didn’t do their liberal duty to cover for him here. But it is funny that liberals are upset with CNN for telling the truth — they’re so used to them not doing so, it’s a real mind bend for them.

No worries there, no one watches CNN.

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But imagine being more upset with the chyron than the man in the highest office in the land being incoherent.

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